How Ole Miss is really winning

Mississippi guard Marshall Henderson has a flair for the dramatic and his team has won six straight. AP Photo/Orlin Wagner

If you think about it, what Mississippi shooting guard Marshall Henderson has achieved is rather remarkable. It's common in college hoops circles to wring one's hands about the non-Kentucky SEC's "apathy" with regard to basketball. And in theory, Oxford, Miss., is ground zero for that brand of apathy.

But surely it's fair to ask just how apathetic people really are about Henderson and Ole Miss when LeBron James is tweeting about you during the NCAA tournament: "Man that dude Henderson from Ol Miss got the greenest light in basketball history!! Hahaha."

Greenest light, indeed. Since his arrival in Oxford this season, Henderson has never been what you'd call shy when it comes to looking for his shot. And late in the season, that lack of shyness has become even more pronounced. The Rebels are currently riding a six-game winning streak, and in those games, Henderson has personally accounted for 34 percent of his team's shots from the field. Basically, if he touches the ball on a given possession, you're about to see a shot attempt.

I'm guessing that does not come as news to you. But perhaps a few other observations regarding Henderson and the Rebels will.