The Florida Gulf Coast ride

Andy Enfield is a cerebral guy, but he promotes a fun atmosphere for the Eagles. Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports

Before this NCAA tournament, I had seen Florida Gulf Coast play only twice and, the truth is, I was watching the Eagles' opponents rather than the Eagles themselves. I knew that Florida Gulf Coast was new to Division I, but I had no earthly idea that the school has been holding classes for only 16 years, or where exactly it was located. I just didn't consider it.

Well, I am considering it now.

Florida Gulf Coast has been fun. The Eagles get up and down the floor, they run and dunk, and they play with a smile. They don't hold the ball and squeeze the clock, they play with controlled abandon, and they enjoy themselves. The Eagles are playing with house money and taking a swing at the heavyweights, and they're playing without fear. Why not believe? Why should the sky be the limit?