Wichita St. top of Giant Killer class

According to Giant Killer calculations, Wichita State has a 62.1 percent chance of beating La Salle. Harry How/Getty Images

We're a greedy crew. The walls of GK Central may be lined with the mounted heads of Hoyas, Lobos and Cowboys, but we want more. More chaos. More absurdity. And, dare we say it, more Dunk City. We will be satisfied with nothing less than a Giant Killer in the Final Four.

Such a turn of events wouldn't be new -- George Mason, VCU and Butler paved the Final Four path for future Giant Killers. But it would be enticing, especially with four teams left that already have slayed Giants in previous rounds. For Wichita State, Oregon, La Salle and Florida Gulf Coast, though, the odds of advancing to the tournament's final weekend vary greatly.

It should not come as much of a surprise that Wichita State and La Salle have the best chances to reach the Final Four. After all, they play each other, which means one team is guaranteed to reach the regional final. After that, just the small matter of beating Ohio State or Arizona remains. But you might not have expected to see the Shockers with more than twice the Explorers' chances of winning their next two games. Specifically, our model gives the Shockers a 20.9 percent shot of reaching the Final Four, compared to 9.3 percent for La Salle. The reason for that is twofold.