The secrets to Michigan's success

Freshman Mitch McGary is making 73 percent of his 2-point attempts in the NCAA tournament. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pollsters who voted Michigan a top-five team nationally in the preseason seem to have been more or less correct in their estimation (though, granted, there were some bumps in the road in February). I must admit, however, that we who look at things through more of an analytic lens weren't as certain as the pollsters, and part of that uncertainty centered on 6-foot-10 freshman Mitch McGary. Just how good would he be? Analysts rated McGary anywhere from top five to top 30 in his recruiting class, and we know from past freshman classes that that's a sizable difference.

Suddenly, McGary is a monster
That uncertainty is now a thing of the past. Trey Burke is the Michigan player most responsible for his team's win over Kansas, naturally, but possession for possession, McGary has been the Wolverines' top tournament performer by far.