How UConn can beat Florida

UConn must limit 3-point attempts from Florida perimeter threat Michael Frazier II. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

How do you beat Florida? I'm not sure anybody really remembers. The Gators haven't lost a game since December, and that seems like last year. OK, technically, it was last year, but the point is the same. Some, like me, say that Florida has faced some real challenges this season, answered the bell every time and is legit. Others would say that Billy Donovan's team didn't face a murderers' row in the regular season, did not play the toughest slate of NCAA tournament foes and that Florida is really good, but really beatable.

I tend to believe that Pittsburgh, UCLA and Dayton are pretty darn good, and three double-digit wins with only one team scoring more than 60 points is pretty impressive. The Gators are not unbeatable, but you will have to play really well to win. Here's the game plan to take down the tournament's top team.