Might be time to change selection process

As usual the All-Star Game selection process has confused me. This year I'm left wondering why Morgan Ensberg and Jose Guillen weren't selected for the team despite putting together great seasons so far. Guillen is hitting .317 with 17 homers and 49 RBI for a first place team, while Ensberg is hitting .290 with 23 homers and 63 RBI. You're telling me that those two guys aren't worthy to be in Detroit for the All-Star Game? I say hogwash.

Meanwhile, while those two guys are sitting at home watching the game, Jimmy Rollins gets to play despite only hitting .269 with seven homers? That's ridiculous. Of course, I'm still wondering why the Philadelphia Phillies received as many All-Star choices as they did while the Washington Nationals didn't receive one for a position player. It makes no sense that one of the hottest teams in both leagues doesn't have a representative in the regular lineup. Personally I'd love to see how many times a last place team has had three positional All-Stars in the same year that a first place team has none.

After looking at the voting this season it may be time to change something with the voting. My first thought is that the players should have a larger say in who makes it since they really know who the true "All-Stars" are, but that won't work because the players aren't voting now.