Kyle Drabek reaches a new level 

September, 9, 2010

The Eastern League playoffs kicked off Wednesday night, with one divisional series starting in Trenton between the Yankees' affiliate there and the Blue Jays' New Hampshire affiliate, with an outstanding matchup of starting pitching prospects.

Kyle Drabek came to Toronto in the Roy Halladay trade this past offseason and ranked No. 40 on my Top 100 prospects coming into the year, but Wednesday night he brought the best stuff I've seen (or heard of) from him, with two plus-plus pitches and an aggressive approach. He started out 93-97 in the first inning and was 91-96 by the end of his outing, hitting 97 at least three times over the first two frames. His power curveball at 84-86 was a big league out pitch, with depth and a very sharp break -- and he threw it for strikes in addition to burying it for swings and misses.