Trevor Bauer in midseason form 

March, 4, 2012

My first game of the spring was at the best spring training facility in either Arizona or Florida, Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. The stadium is home to both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, who played each other in their spring opener on Saturday, with a number of major prospects and young big leaguers appearing in the game.

One note on these early-spring blog posts: it's early spring. Players don't all arrive in camp in the same condition, and some players just take longer than others to get up to game speed. All that matters to the players is being ready for Opening Day, so a pitcher throwing a little less hard than he normally does or a hitter whose timing is a little bit off shouldn't be cause for panic. It's reasonable to worry about a pitcher who is missing 5 mph off his fastball, or whose once-loose delivery looks stiff and restricted. It's not reasonable to expect every player to be in midseason form right out of the chute.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer