Machado holds his own with big leaguers 

March, 23, 2012

Some notes from spring training games I hit earlier this week.

• Tsuyoshi Wada was the lower-profile of the two major Baltimore Orioles signings from Japan, the other being Taiwanese starter Chen Wei-Yin, who also pitched in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball. (We won't even talk about the O's follies in Korea.) Wada's stuff is very light for a starter in the American League East, with no above-average pitch and a repertoire that will require him to go heavy on off-speed and hope to be precise with his command.

His fastball was 87-89 with little life, but he mixed in a cutter, a splitter, and a change (with the latter two possibly the same pitch). The delivery is exaggerated as we see from most NPB starters, and there is some deception both from the funk in the delivery and the way he hides the ball, but that trick usually won't get you through the league more than once unless you have stuff, and Wada doesn't.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer