A new league forms in the Dominican 

October, 2, 2009
In explaining the discrepancy between bonus amounts given to American prospects and Latin American prospects, team executives often cite the lack of an infrastructure in Latin America that would allow teams to properly evaluate players.

While Latin American players may stand out in workouts, teams don't know how they would perform in actual games. There are no reliable stats to scrutinize, no real sense of a player's baseball IQ and no read of a player's ability to be coached.

Ulises Cabrera, Brian Mejia and Roberto Morales -- three Latin American based agents from the Pa'lante Management and Consulting Firm -- aim to change perceptions of Latin American prospects by forming the Dominican Prospect League. The concept seems ingenious: gather top Dominican amateur prospects in a once-a-week, four-team league where scouts can watch them play and for which stats will be kept.