Q & A with Sandy Alderson 

March, 15, 2010
Last week, Major League Baseball hired Sandy Alderson to oversee reform in baseball's Dominican operations. On Friday, Alderson, who has more than 25 years of experience traveling to the Dominican as a former baseball executive, spoke with La Esquina about his new position.

La Esquina: What is the future of MLB's Dominican office now that you've stepped in to take over duties from Rolando Peralta?

Alderson: You have to go back to the original opening of the office and look at the problems that existed at that time. In those days, one of our big issues was the quality of the facilities and making sure the academies were of sufficient qualities. That was a problem at the time and the office opened with that in mind. That's not an issue now. We have other problems we face that are related to drug use and age and identity. The office now has to be staffed with different people with different qualifications. A different skill set is necessary for some of the relationships we have to foster. The long term solution is to find somebody to head the office so I can exit the scene. In the meantime I can provide some leadership.