Little mishandles bullpen again 

October, 6, 2006
I'm with Bill Simmons. Grady Little hasn't changed. He still can't manage a bullpen, at least not in the playoffs.

He brings Brett Tomko in with the bases loaded and his team down 1-0. Then he brings Mark Hendrickson in with the bases loaded and his team down 2-0. Just like in Game 1, when he turned to Brad Penny in a tie game with Jonathan Broxton available, Little keeps choosing the wrong guy out of the pen in game-critical situations.

In Game 1, Little passed over Broxton to use Penny in a tie game, instead using Broxton with a two-run deficit in the following inning. Tonight, Little could have gone to Broxton again -- he only threw an inning last night -- or could have used Takashi Saito, who ended up throwing a garbage-time inning with the Dodgers down by three. Both would have involved thinking significantly out of the Little box, so perhaps expecting him to do so isn't realistic. But the way he managed these situations is a big part of why the Dodgers are down 2-0 and are long shots to win this series.