Padres short on clutch hitting 

October, 9, 2006
If I were the Padres' GM, I might not even let manager Bruce Bochy on the plane home, because you'll rarely see as bad an in-game managerial job as the performance we just saw. Bochy went into this NLDS with the superior team and home-field advantage and, with the help of some ineptitude from a few of his hitters, managed the Padres out of the playoffs.

After an inning, it looked like it would be a long night for the fans and a short night for the starters. Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter was missing with his fastball and curve in the first inning, and he escaped the first only due to a gift at-bat from Josh Barfield. Right after Carpenter walked his third batter of the inning, Barfield started his at-bat by hacking at a fastball that was well off the plate. Two pitches later, he watched a straight fastball right down the middle of the plate. Barfield grounded out, the Padres left the bases loaded, and they didn't score the rest of the way.

Handed a two-run lead, Padres starter Woody Williams decided to see if he could make it stand up without ever throwing his fastball. He went heavy on the breaking ball, didn't command it well at all, and ended up coughing up the lead, only escaping his debacle when Ronnie Belliard slipped during a rundown.