Rogers' stuff too good for Cards 

October, 23, 2006
Kenny Rogers' amazing October continues, with a little help from the Heisenberg Strike Zone and some very predictable Cardinals hitters.

Rogers' stuff fell somewhere between the outstanding three-pitch combo he had against the Yanks and the so-so curve he had against Oakland. But against the weakest of the three lineups he's faced this month, it was more than enough. He worked almost exclusively from the middle of the plate outward to right-handed hitters, just throwing the occasional curveball in, and pounded the Cards' one left-handed hitter (Jim Edmonds) in with changeups and fastballs. He also kept the ball down all night.

That approach -- pitching away to right-handed hitters -- worked particularly well tonight, when home-plate umpire Alfonso Marquez decided to run a nine-inning experiment to locate the outside edge of the strike zone. This experiment also helped Jeff Weaver, who didn't have great command, and was bailed out several times by overeager Tiger hitters, notably Curtis Granderson, who might want to acquaint himself with the pitch known as a "curved ball."