Some logic amid Royals' lunacy 

December, 7, 2006
By and large, the Gil Meche contract isn't getting rave reviews. Meche's results have never matched his stuff, despite pitching in a big ballpark in front of generally good defenses. He's also had major shoulder surgery and has never thrown 200 innings in a single season.

For him to get five years strikes many people in the industry as lunacy. And to some degree, I concur: There might not be five starting pitchers in the majors to whom I'd be comfortable guaranteeing five years. That said, I can see a lot of logic in the Royals, one of baseball's worst sad-sack franchises, going after Meche as the first step in trying to fill the organization's pitching void.

Here's the problem: The Royals actually have some front-line talent in their farm system for the first time since Carlos Beltran was in their system. Alex Gordon and Billy Butler project as star-caliber hitters. Chris Lubanski looks like he'll be at least an average outfield bat.