Zito deal a Giant albatross 

December, 28, 2006
If you're going to hand out the largest contract ever given to a pitcher, it probably should be to one of the best starting pitchers in the game, right? Seems like Baseball 101.

The Giants missed that memo.

Sure, Barry Zito is a good fit in San Francisco's big, pitcher-friendly ballpark, and in the short term he pushes the Giants to fringe-contender status. But from the club's perspective, this is one of the worst contracts ever signed, for its length, for its annual salary and for the entire misguided notion that Zito is this good a pitcher. He's been the beneficiary of a favorable ballpark with lots of foul territory, a favorable schedule, great bullpen support and outstanding outfield defense -- and he's not going to receive either the defense or the relief help in San Francisco.