Those who belong in the Hall 

January, 3, 2007
I don't have a Hall of Fame ballot -- according to the BBWAA, I don't exist -- but if I did, here's who'd be on it.

Cal Ripken, Jr.: I do agree with the criticism of Ripken's streak -- he probably hurt his team at a few points by his refusal to take a day off -- but he's also one of the five best shortstops in history and changed the way people in baseball think about who can stay at shortstop. (Let's hope that Ripken prominently thanks Earl Weaver in his acceptance speech, as it was Weaver who put Ripken at short, contradicting the conventional thinking that shortstops needed to be small and slight.)

Tony Gwynn: Also a player who's a bit overrated by conventional thinking, but clearly worthy of enshrinement. Younger fans may not realize what a quick, athletic player Gwynn was when he came up, before he started to pack on the pounds.