Brackman rates below Price 

April, 2, 2007
Andrew Brackman is one of the top two college pitchers in the country, a 6-foot-10 former basketball player who was at the top of our draft rankings in February. When I saw him in the Cape Cod League last summer, he was throwing an easy 91-97 with fairly clean mechanics and a curveball with good depth.

Brackman pitched Saturday at Boston College, and wasn't quite the same guy. He was throwing across his body, almost as if someone told him he had to work on getting the ball to his glove side (or as if he decided it himself), resulting in erratic command in addition to the long-term injury concerns that come with those mechanics. His breaking ball was also worse than it was last summer, with a softer, early break. His command of both pitches was way off.

He's still a superb athlete with a plus fastball (88-95 this week), and it's too easy to let the one look this weekend erase what he showed he could do last summer. Still, when comparing Brackman -- who has the added wrinkle of having Scott Boras as his "advisor," making signability an issue -- to David Price, whose mechanics are consistent and who is left-handed, Brackman's inconsistency pushes him down a touch on the board.