Quentin has underrated talent 

December, 3, 2007
The White Sox played against type on the first day of the winter meetings, acquiring a polished hitter in Carlos Quentin for a low-A hitting prospect. Quentin is a patient hitter with a contact-oriented stroke. He's not likely to hit the number of home runs most teams seek in corner outfielders, but he can more than make up for that with doubles and OBP skills.

His value was low at the moment for a pair of reasons -- the Eric Byrnes extension locked him out of a job in Arizona, and Quentin just had surgery on his left shoulder. If healthy, he'll provide a solid boost of OBP to a lineup that's light on patient hitters. The White Sox's team OBP was just .318 last year, and just one hitter was over .360. The move also allows them to fill an outfield hole without spending a significant amount of money.