Another wise move by Padres 

December, 15, 2007
The Padres continue to fill their roster holes by signing players to one-year deals -- nearly always a good strategy when you can pull it off -- and they got a tiny upside play by acquiring Jim Edmonds, since there's always a chance he'll regain some of his lost power if he's healthy in 2008.

Edmonds, a borderline Hall of Fame candidate, has been declining as a hitter over the last four years, but really fell off a cliff in 2007; it could just be the end of the line, but it could also have been the effects of numerous injuries, from a 2006 concussion to offseason shoulder surgery to pinched nerve and groin injuries that came up during '07.

If the Padres can keep him healthy by limiting his playing time, sitting him against left-handed pitchers and perhaps replacing him late in games for defensive reasons, they'll increase their chances to get a performance from Edmonds more in line with his pre-concussion numbers in 2006. He'll need that platoon partner at the plate, since he doesn't hit lefties that well any more, which would mean more playing time for right-handed hitter Scott Hairston. The downside for the Padres is that Edmonds is no longer a plus defensive center fielder, and they have a flyball pitching staff and a big outfield in Petco Park.