Jenkins is good fit for Phillies 

December, 21, 2007
Two years plus a vesting option is a long commitment for a part-time player, but as long as Geoff Jenkins is prohibited from facing left-handed pitchers, he should be a solid platoon option to spell the Phillies' two right-handed-hitting corner outfielders, Jayson Werth or Pat Burrell.

Jenkins has always had a significant platoon split, and while he's not the pure righty-killer he was in his prime, he still has good pop against right-handers and will murder a fastball in the zone. He struggles to adjust to breaking stuff and hard stuff in on his hands, but there are a number of soft-tossers in NL East rotations who will make his life a little easier.

Jenkins allows the Phillies to sit Burrell or Werth against right-handed pitchers. He also gives them a viable fourth outfielder to fill in if Shane Victorino (who apparently will fill the center-field spot vacated by Aaron Rowand) gets hurt, with Werth sliding over to center.