Durham could be 'useful' to Brewers 

July, 20, 2008
Ray Durham has bounced back from an atrocious 2007 to "useful" status in 2008, getting on base well without showing the fluky power he had in 2006. He's a high-contact hitter with a short swing geared to maximize plate coverage, and as a switch-hitter without a pronounced platoon split, he can pinch hit in any situation. (His big platoon split this year, crushing righties while doing nothing against lefties, is a mirror image of his 2006 split. His career splits are almost identical from both sides).

In the field, however, Durham's a statue, one of the worst defensive second basemen in baseball -- worse than Rickie Weeks, who has range Durham hasn't seen in years but is too erratic to be average. Durham's best asset is his hands, which are steady and soft, while Weeks' hands are often his undoing in the field.