Getting Dunn a smart move by Diamondbacks 

August, 11, 2008
Arizona ranks 10th in the National League in OBP, 10th in slugging and, not coincidentally, 10th in runs scored, despite playing in a pretty good hitters' park. Their left fielders have hit .235/.308/.387 -- but hey, Eric Byrnes has just two years left on his deal! -- and their right fielders have hit .252/.339/.418 (including Justin Upton's outstanding start to the season).

I understand the Diamondbacks were looking to add a left-handed bat, but really, they just needed to add a bat, period, and they did it in a way that will address one of the weakest spots in their lineup by acquiring Adam Dunn from the Reds. The pickup was a no-brainer, and unless one of the players to be named later turns out to be right-handed pitcher Jarrod Parker, the price doesn't appear to be too high for a seven-week rental.

In the short term, Dunn fills the right field hole vacated by Upton, who has been out for a month with an oblique injury. When Upton returns, however, the D-backs will have to choose between sitting Upton or Chad Tracy. Upton has been an offensive zero since mid-May, but is going to be one of the top hitters in the game in a few years and needs to get his at bats in at the big league level. Tracy has outhit Upton this year, but is 28 and has no upside and a below-average bat for first base. Sitting Tracy would allow Arizona to return Conor Jackson to first base, creating a better defensive alignment.