Notes from Arizona Fall League 

October, 10, 2008
I'll file a more complete writeup of what I saw in the Arizona Fall League after the trip is done, but here are some quick hits from the first three-plus days:

• By now you've probably heard that Colorado reliever Casey Weathers exited Thursday night's game, holding his elbow and in obvious pain. There was no update on his condition as of about noon Arizona time Friday, but at the very least, he is not expected to return to action in the AFL.

• Milwaukee right-hander Jeremy Jeffress has the best pure arm of any pitcher I've seen so far, sitting at 94-97 mph and touching 98 in his three innings of work. He flashed a plus curveball, but "inconsistent" would be kind, as the majority of the breaking balls he threw were below average and he is clearly trying to find a feel for the pitch. His changeup was also below-average and very straight. That kind of easy velocity, with a relatively benign delivery, is very hard to find, and he has a long history of showing he can throw at that level for 90 or 100 pitches; if the curveball becomes more consistent with time, and he can stay on the field, he could be at the top of the Brewers' rotation in fairly short order.