In acquiring Betancourt, K.C. comes up short 

July, 10, 2009
The Royals kicked off their offseason last winter by acquiring Mike Jacobs, a player so limited in skills that acquiring him made little sense even before considering their superior in-house alternatives. Jacobs has, predictably, flopped, both at the plate and with the glove.

On Friday, the Royals topped that move with an even worse one, trading for Yuniesky Betancourt, who might very well be the worst everyday player in the majors, and actually giving up something of value in Danny Cortes, a hard-throwing pitching prospect with command and makeup issues, and Derrick Saito, who projects at least as a lefty specialist if the Mariners choose to push him up the ladder.

Betancourt does nothing well on a baseball field. He can't hit and has lost bat speed since reaching the majors. He hacks at everything he sees, and even swings at pitches thrown to other hitters. He has next to no range at short. And he never hustles on anything -- not balls hit in his direction, not ground balls he might have a chance to beat out (well, before he let himself go physically). Other than all that, he's Honus Wagner.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer