Peavy's status a question mark now and in future  

July, 31, 2009

Jake Peavy


Who knows what the White Sox are actually getting in Jake Peavy? It's not clear when he'll be able to pitch or how long it will take for him to be ready to pitch in the majors again, and it's possible or even likely that this trade was more about 2010 and beyond than it was about 2009 because of the minor hole that the deal has created in Chicago's current rotation. Peavy was a top-tier pitcher in the National League but probably will see his stats take a hit when he takes the mound in the tougher league and in a hitters' ballpark, but a John Danks-Mark Buehrle-Peavy-Gavin Floyd rotation not only will be among the league's best but also will soak up 700-800 innings per season, so inferior middle relievers will pitch fewer innings. I worry about Peavy's long-term durability; after his great 2007 season, he had elbow trouble in 2008, and his arm action is not easy.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer