Jays can't correct Rios mistake 

August, 11, 2009
Alex Rios is having his worst season since his 2006 breakout, and his '09 performance apparently led the Blue Jays to believe he is no longer worth the $60 million he's owed through 2015.

Just 28 years old, ostensibly in his peak years, Rios has shown more power and ability to hit for average than he's showing this year, and I'd bet on his future performance coming in above his 2009 rate stats. The White Sox can also extract more value from Rios than the Blue Jays could by returning Rios to his natural position of center field, where he should be no worse than average and could easily end up plus.

Center field has been a chronic problem for the White Sox for years, and they don't have a clear everyday center-field solution in their farm system, making Rios an ideal fit. And even a weakened farm system like Chicago's can afford the price of "no players" demanded by Toronto, which really drove a hard bargain here with a salary dump to make the 1993 Padres proud. The White Sox have about $34 million coming off the books after this season, freeing up room to absorb the salaries of Rios and Jake Peavy.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer