Paxton, Duke and the Mets' catcher search 

December, 7, 2009

Editor's note: Keith wrote about this same topic on Friday; read that here. This is an update from the morning of Monday, December 7, 2009.

The James Paxton story continued to develop on Friday afternoon, as the University of Kentucky filed an 87-page motion in response to Paxton's preemptive lawsuit. The University's terse statement says the following:

    James Paxton's scholarship money and status on the team has never been in jeopardy. At no time has a change been made in James' status on the team or his receipt of services available to student-athletes. He was, is and will continue to be a member of the University of Kentucky baseball team.

The statement does not jibe with the affidavit filed by Paxton's original lawyer in the lawsuit -- and being a member of the team is not the same as being allowed to play.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer