The curious case of Andre Dawson 

January, 7, 2010

If you think the glass is half-full -- and I'd like to say I do -- Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar will both be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year after barely missing the honor this time around. And with Jeff Bagwell the leading first-year candidate on next year's ballot, the August 2011 ceremony could make for a great day in Cooperstown. Barry Larkin topping 50 percent in his first time on the ballot bodes well for his future in the process, and even the overlooked Tim Raines -- who, it must be said again and again, reached base more times in his career than did Tony Gwynn -- added 42 votes over his meager 2009 total. All of these facts point to progress as voters embrace newer metrics for valuing player performance.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer