Harrison and Crow's development 

March, 7, 2010
The Texas Rangers acquired left-hander Matt Harrison in the Mark Teixeira trade in 2007, but when Harrison's shoulder didn't quite check out, the Atlanta Braves had to throw in another player to finish off the deal. The Rangers' concerns seemed warranted nearly two years later when Harrison's 2009 season ended in late July because of thoracic outlet syndrome, but the treatment seems to have worked.

Harrison threw two innings on Saturday and averaged 93-95 mph with a hard cutter at 88-90 mph that he used heavily even in changeup counts -- even though he has an average changeup. Harrison's delivery is rather striking: He's incredibly quick for the first half, as though he has somewhere else to be, but he's a little more deliberate after he separates his hands. He comes from a pretty high slot, possibly too high for a slider, but a reliever with two above-average pitches and a usable third pitch doesn't need a true breaking ball to be effective.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer