Dunn gives Sox big upgrade at DH  

December, 2, 2010

In the short term, signing Adam Dunn for four years and $56 million looks really, really good for Chicago. The White Sox add a player who, with a career-low 67 unintentional walks last season, would still have led the team in that category. They add an extreme fly ball hitter to a ballpark noted for turning fly balls into home runs. And they keep Dunn away from the outfield, preferably away from the field entirely. Chicago got an unacceptable line of .247 AVG/.332 OBP/.396 SLG from its DH spot in 2010, a line boosted by about 150 at-bats from Paul Konerko and Manny Ramirez, both now free agents. Dunn hasn't posted an OBP under .350 or slugged under .490 in the past seven seasons, and if he doesn't pick up a glove but rolls out there for 600 plate appearances, he's probably a four-win upgrade for Chicago.