The waiting gain 

February, 22, 2011

Last year's bumper crop of rookies in the National League saw Jason Heyward win an Opening Day job and show himself ready for the big leagues while Buster Posey was demoted to Triple-A only to show that he was probably ready all along. But this year's class of rookies includes a number of players who are ready for the show in one respect but who need development time to work on another.

With that in mind, here's a quick look at some players in that category for 2011:

Domonic Brown, Phillies
Brown should win the right field job in Philadelphia given the team's alternatives and the risk that its aging lineup will underperform (although it's looking pretty good in the run prevention department). But if Brown heads back to Triple-A, one thing he could stand to work on is his defense in right field. He has the athleticism to be plus there, but his reads out there need work and he's had throwing issues at least since I first saw him play, wasting his arm strength by throwing off the wrong foot.