Power arms rule Futures Game 

July, 11, 2011

Power arms were the order of the day at this year's Futures Game, as expected, with at least nine pitchers touching 96 mph or better and two guys running it up to 98 on Sunday. A number of those pitchers project as No. 1 starters when you consider their repertoires and deliveries.

Most impressive in that group were left-hander Matt Moore (Tampa Bay) and right-hander Carlos Martinez (St. Louis). Moore was 94-98 with a very sharp slider at 86-87 with late, hard tilt and a solid-average changeup at 86, and he showed a loose arm and an easy delivery that he repeated well over the course of his inning. Martinez was just as easy and loose, working at 96-98 but having his fastball play up because it got in on hitters so quickly. He threw a hard slurve at 80-82 with very sharp two-plane break -- it's a curveball but has more tilt than most curves do as he gets a little on the side of it, but the result is just an evil pitch. He could turn over a changeup as well. Martinez didn't command the ball as well as Moore did but was just as aggressive.