Wilson improves already stellar rotation 

December, 8, 2011

The Los Angeles Angels have been busy, adding the best remaining starting pitcher on the market (C.J. Wilson) minutes after they added the best right-handed hitter of this generation (Albert Pujols). After those moves, and assuming some common-sense deployments of the players already in the organization, you could make a case they're a 95-win club with a chance to win 100.

The surprise for me with their addition of Wilson is that with Jered Weaver and Dan Haren, the front of their rotation wasn't a weakness; they needed another starter, clearly, but could simply have chosen to add someone to the back of their rotation for less money than the five-year, $77.5 million contract they gave Wilson. But having a guy who's a No. 2 in many rotations as their No. 3 (or even No. 4, since we shouldn't slight Ervin Santana here) puts the Angels' rotation among the best in the big leagues. Wilson in effect replaces some combination of the filler the Angels used in the No. 4 and 5 spots last year, including the now-traded Tyler Chatwood, and another season from Wilson like the past two he's had would be worth five wins or more above what they got from the Chatwood/Jerome Williams class of pitchers.

Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer