The biggest All-Star snubs 

July, 2, 2012

Sunday's announcements of the All-Star rosters didn't produce as many shocks for me as past years' rosters did, especially given that I've already accepted that the players and managers don't quite grasp the part about saves being a meaningless statistic. There were a few gross omissions, a few bad choices, but only a couple that should raise anyone's ire.

And, just to make sure we can get our usual batch of comments from people who didn't read the explanation in the intro, here's my philosophy on the All-Star Game. It doesn't count. It's an exhibition, a single night for MLB to show itself off to the country on national television -- and in a lot of other countries, as well. The biggest stars should be here. This should not be a list of the guys who had the best Opening Day-through-Memorial Day runs of anyone in baseball. It should include established stars, even if they didn't get off to the greatest starts this year. And there should be room for younger emerging stars, guys in their early 20s who have graduated from prospect status and are starting to perform up to (or even above) expectations. But the half-year wonders can wait until they prove it for more than just 60-70 games.

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Keith Law

ESPN Senior Writer