Giants taking bullpen-by-committee approach

PITTSBURGH – A week after losing Armando Benitez to a torn hamstring, Giants manager Felipe Alou is holding open auditions for his next closer. He'll need a strong stomach, an open mind, and a pedometer to keep track of his mound visits.

Consider the micro-managerial manner in which Alou has employed his bullpen the past few days. After using seven relievers in a 7-6 win Saturday night in Pittsburgh, Alou went to the pen four times Sunday. First, starter Brad Hennessey threw 105 pitches over seven innings. Then, Jason Christiansen, Tyler Walker, Scott Eyre and Jim Brower divvied up 26 pitches over two innings.

Good thing the Giants were winning an 8-3 laugher, or they might have had to summon Atlee Hammaker out of retirement.