Delgado carrying a big stick

A diehard baseball fan who watched Baseball Tonight every day might be forgiven if he thought that every clip about the Red Sox was a repeat because it featured another mammoth home run by David Ortiz in a clutch situation. Big Papi did it again Monday night, and it seems if he doesn't blast a home run in every Sox game for the rest of the year, it will be a miracle.

Ortiz is a truly great hitter; when he hits .323, posts a 1.172 OPS with eight home runs, and drives in 18 runs in 19 September games, it is surprising but not completely unexpected. Ditto with Vladimir Guerrero, who's carrying the Angels by virtue of his .345 BA, five home runs, and 1.182 OPS, good for 15 runs and 14 RBI this month.

Here are five hitters who also have stepped up to the plate with a vengeance in September, playing well above their normal level of performance and keeping their teams in the race. (Statistics are through games of Sept. 19.)