If D-Backs win, consider Counsell for MVP

Because I live on the East Coast, it's all New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox. Whenever my broadcasting career is over, I'll never watch another Yanks-Red Sox game again. I won't watch either team even if they're in the World Series. All I hear people talk about is Yanks and Sox. Do you really think people in Milwaukee and San Diego care about the Sox and Yankees?

East Coast fans don't hear about certain players because they don't play for an East Coast team. Evidently, if they don't play for either of the Big Two, then they are no good.

How big do you think a guy like Albert Pujols would be if he was playing for either of those clubs and putting up those numbers? Jim Edmonds plays a sick center field, hits 30-40 homers every year and drives in 100 runs, but he's not on the East Coast so you don't hear about him. If he did play on the East Coast, they'd be getting his plaque ready for the Hall of Fame.