Power-packed Orioles have legit shot

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Now that we're in the third full week of the season, it's time to take a quick look around the major leagues at some of the biggest stories so far this year.

The New York Yankees have gotten off to a slow start, and owner George Steinbrenner again made news with a statement to the press that the team needs to play better. But things worked out perfectly for Steinbrenner as the Yankees responded with an amazing 19 runs (including 13 in the second inning) the next night against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

I've always been a big Steinbrenner fan and as the old saying goes, "He pays the cost to be The Boss." He writes the checks and expects players and the coaching staff to perform. Since the Yankees are the highest-paid team in baseball, they should have no problem with that. If they are going to take the money, they should be prepared to feel his wrath when things don't go well.

I don't have any doubt the Yankees will perform well over the course of the season, but the fact is they were struggling. Manager Joe Torre even called a meeting to put a little more energy and pep into the team. George was not out of line, and it was good for his team and its fans to voice that opinion.