More than intangibles: Tino leads NY surge

Chat with Joe Morgan, 11 a.m. ET Friday.

When the New York Yankees were 11-19 and in last place in the AL East, some people were talking about the collapse of the Yankees' dynasty.

Others wondered if they should make major changes, but my answer was no. Their lineup is so good, I figured that eventually they would get hot. Guys like Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez and Hideki Matsui are all capable of carrying a team. Even as the Yankees struggled, we knew they had the weapons.

In the past week and a half, the Yankees won 10 straight games. But, ironically, the resurgence has been keyed not by any of those big hitters but rather by Tino Martinez (12 HRs, 29 RBI). No, he hasn't done it alone, but Martinez is enjoying a fabulous second run in the Bronx. The 37-year-old first baseman was nearly forgotten by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last season, but he wasn't forgotten by the Yankees.