Chili Davis a spicy omission

In the early days of this column (and this Web site), I would sometimes spend an entire week, or the better part of a week, on one subject (if anyone remembers the lengthy discussion of bases-loaded intentional walks, next time you see me I'll be happy to shake your hand). For various reasons, these days I rarely devote more than one column to a particular subject, but the questions and comments I've received in response to Monday's column have convinced me to revisit the subject of great designated hitters. So …


    In your May 16 column on the best designated hitters ever, you say that Paul Molitor only had four great seasons as a DH, 1991-94, with Milwaukee and Toronto. But, in 1996, playing for a mediocre (78 wins) Twins team, he batted .341 with 225 hits, 99 runs and 113 RBI. The 225 hits were the most he had in any season in his Hall of Fame career. Molitor had many great seasons as a DH after he converted from an outstanding position player.