White Sox win low-score affairs

In this space Friday, I ran through a few key numbers that might have escaped your attention. When I finished, though, I realized the entire column was National League-centric, so today let's turn our attention to the other, more exciting circuit.

9-11 (White Sox's record in games they shouldn't win)

When teams don't score more than three runs, they nearly always lose. You might be thinking, "Is it really so hard to win a game in which you score three runs?" No, it's not. But three's the upper limit here; all those three-runs-or-fewer games also include twos, ones and zeroes. And it's awfully hard to win if you don't score.

Anyway, a year ago the Cardinals were 13-33 (.283) in games in which they scored three or fewer runs, and they were the best in the majors. Meanwhile, the White Sox last season were 7-50 in those games, third worst in the majors.