Pitching will determine White Sox's fate

Here's 100 words apiece on each of the eight American League teams with legitimate postseason hopes, greatest to least.

• The Chicago Americans wrapped up their division title in the spring, so at this point the only real question is, how good are they, really? Yes, the White Sox are 26-14 in one-run games. They've been lucky. But even if we give them a .500 record in one-run games, they'd still be tied with the Red Sox for the best record in the league. To me, it's simple: If Jon Garland pitches well in October, the White Sox have a real shot at finally winning another World Series (it's been 87 years now). Their hitters aren't good enough to carry them.

• The Red Sox continue to throw at-bats toward Kevin Millar, who 1) can't play defense, 2) weighs 220 pounds, and yet 3) has hit a grand total of four home runs in 102 games. Nevertheless, if Trot Nixon and John Olerud hadn't hurt themselves, Roberto Petagine might still be rotting away in Pawtucket. I've never been happy to see somebody get hurt and I don't aim to start now, but it's gratifying to see Petagine in the majors, and smiting the ol' horsehide with some regularity. Now if Boston will just give him a spot on its World Series roster …