An early look: 2010 MLB draft

The 2010 draft class isn't as stacked right now as the 2011 draft appears to be -- the latter group includes cover kid Bryce Harper as well as Sonny Gray, Alex Meyer, Anthony Rendon, Gerrit Cole and Danny Hultzen. What 2010 really lacks is a clear No. 1 candidate. I could see any of at least a dozen names ending up on top of the board next June. (And for people who are arguing that the Nationals have a great fallback option if they don't sign Strasburg and get the No. 2 pick in next year's draft, this should be a cautionary note, since the 2010 draft doesn't appear to have even one no-doubter at the top, let alone two.) Since it's never too early to engage in reckless speculation, here's a look at the 2010 draft class in four movements:

College bats