Some non-players deserve enshrinement as well

Finally, the Goose is in. So that's one down and a dozen to go.

Yes, that's right: Not including those not yet eligible -- managers such as Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox, players such as Rickey Henderson and Frank Thomas -- there remain a dozen (at least) baseball figures who should, with all due haste, follow Goose Gossage into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown.

Among the dozen are four players about whom much has been (and will be) written. Every year, 99.99 percent of the attention to candidates goes to ex-players and .01 percent goes to all the other candidates. Which is fine. Nobody drives to upstate New York to gaze upon Ed Barrow and Nestor Chylak's Hall of Fame plaques. But we don't have the Hall of Fame some might want; we have the Hall of Fame we have. And since the Hall of Fame we have does include non-players, it's neither fair nor appropriate to bar the door to more of them.