Keep an eye on the Brewers

Best infield in the major leagues? That's probably either the Yankees (Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and whoever's playing first base) or the Mets (Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, David Wright and whoever's playing second base). But only a quarter of the Yankees' infield is young, and only half of the Mets'. If you like your infielders fresh-faced, those aren't your teams. If you like your infielders cheap, those aren't your teams (though Reyes and Wright are wonderful bargains).

No, today we're looking for the best young infield. Young, and cheap. The infield we're looking for consists of four 21-year-old Rookie of the Year candidates. Of course that infield does not exist. Probably never has, probably never will. But that's the ideal: real cheap, real good. And there are only a few infields that fit that bill. The "winner" of this contest is going to become fairly obvious, but in the meantime let's run through the other candidates.

Just a couple of years ago, the Orange County Angels were supposed to have the best young infielders in the game. A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the World Series, though: Ex-prospects Dallas McPherson and Casey Kotchman have been passed on the organizational depth chart. Fortunately for the Angels, they've been passed by new (and perhaps better) prospects.