An ideal home for Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre would make a solid fit on a (different) AL West roster. Getty Images

More than one baseball man will tell you that there are no perfect teams -- and that is true. However, some teams will have much bigger holes to fill than others.

Thus, we look at five of the biggest lineup holes in the major leagues. To qualify for this list a team must have had a value over replacement player (VORP) of minus-10.0 or more at a position in 2010; the rule of thumb with VORP is that 10 points is the equivalent of one win or loss. Thus, each of these teams would have theoretically been at least one win better this season by just using a journeyman from Triple-A at the position rather than the players they utilized.

3B for the Los Angeles Angels (VORP: Minus-33.5)