Derrek Lee could offer some value

Lee isn't going to win any more MVP votes, but he's a nice pickup. Getty Images

Getting a big-name first baseman has been a rare feat. In the last five years, only two first basemen have netted a contract worth more than $10 million per: Mark Teixeira and Paul Konerko. Teams desiring to loosen the wallet on a prime, middle-of-the-order first baseman are looking forward to next year, in which Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and Adrian Gonzalez will be free agents if they don't sign new contracts in the next year. There are still some valuable additions here to be made for teams that need help now and don't want to gamble that those elite first basemen aren't signed by next November.

Players are ranked by WAR over the next three years, as projected by ZiPS. All projections are based on a neutral home field.

1. Adam Dunn (8.7 WAR)