Texas Rangers need Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre would look good in a Texas Rangers uniform. Cary Edmondson/US Presswire

Now that the Texas Rangers have lost out on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes, they have both the need to improve their roster and some money to throw around -- money that would have gone Lee's way had he not been seduced by cheesesteaks and cold winters. The problem for the Rangers is that many of the premium free agents have already landed elsewhere, leaving them with no obvious second option to replace the value lost when Lee spurned their advances.

With conventional options off the table, it may be time for the Rangers to go outside the box. Rather than using the available funds to overpay for a starting pitcher or a designated hitter that isn't worth the money, the Rangers should target the one impact player left on the market -- Adrian Beltre -- and ask Michael Young to become their designated hitter.