The value of a pitcher's park

Aaron Harang and Javier Vazquez are getting fresh starts in spacious parks. Icon SMI, US Presswire

Last winter, Adrian Beltre eschewed several multiyear offers and instead took just a one-year guarantee from the Boston Red Sox. The logic behind the decision was that he could take advantage of a ballpark (Fenway) that's friendly to right-handed pull hitters,and then hit the market again in a better position to land a big contract. After getting $80 million guaranteed from the Rangers this week, it's safe to say that the plan worked to perfection.

It appears that a lot of players were paying attention to Beltre's 2010 season, as the one-year redemption contract is in vogue this winter. In fact, so many pitchers are signing these types of deals that it is creating an advantage for teams that have the right stadiums or teammates to offer free agents looking to prove that they can be good again.